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Sailors Aren’t Born. They’re Forged.

Sailors Aren't Born. They're Forged

From Commander, Navy Recruiting Command

New Commercials

Over the past 45 years, the Navy has lacked a consistent brand message. This has created difficulties in educating potential recruits about the Navy’s mission and benefits, bringing knowledge to the general public, and in building internal pride among Sailors.

After two years of development, a defined brand platform has been established for America’s Navy. In marketing terms, a brand platform is the central theme or internal “North Star” around which the external messaging is oriented. The core platform of Power to go Beyond and its key idea of harnessing the transformative power of the sea form the foundation of our new messaging.

A tagline is the external and outward facing message that conveys the idea of the platform. For the Navy, an effective tagline needed to: originate from Sailors, inform and inspire, be unique to the Navy, and authentically represent the Navy experience.

Forged by the Sea.

This idea represents the aspirational outcome of every Sailor’s journey in uniform. It conveys the notion that every Sailor is shaped and strengthened into a more capable version of themselves. It also describes the Navy as a team that has been forged, tempered and toughened over 242 years of maritime dominance. Most importantly, it acknowledges the Navy’s unique and fundamental relationship with the sea.

“Forged by the Sea” was tested among active duty Sailors, veterans, potential recruits and influencers to validate its integrity and authenticity.

This direction also gave life to several very distinct commercial films. A brand film was created to educate potential recruits and the general public about the breadth of the Navy’s mission.

The recruit films were developed to speak directly to potential recruits about the vast array of opportunities in the Navy, and what they could gain personally from the experience.

For an in-depth look at the process behind the new brand’s development, you can view below an infographic and download it as a PDF.

Infographic depicting the development of the Navy's brand
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