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Sailing Directions

21st Century Sailor and Marine Overview

This is the first in a series of blog posts by Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, the Honorable Juan M. Garcia, to provide more detail about the Navy’s 21st Century Sailor and Marine initiative. [youtube fJc0HwwnfTY nolink] As the secretary mentioned, the overarching objective of the initiative is, after …

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ERB…The Why, The How, and The Now What

Last year’s Enlisted Retention Board was charged with identifying the most fully qualified Sailors for retention, applying both performance indicators and available quotas. Combined, the first and second phases of the ERB reviewed approximately 16,000 records for approximately 13,000 available retention quotas (81%). Though the primary criterion for all boards …

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Partnership talks with Pacific navies

Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO), Adm. Mark Ferguson recently completed a trip across the U.S. Pacific Fleet to meet with regional partners and U.S. personnel in Australia, Singapore, and Guam to discuss U.S. Navy Pacific engagement.  To prepare for engagements with foreign navies, Ferguson began the trip with a …

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Battle E, Battle Ready, Battle ‘Brothers’

“The strategy focuses on opportunities – not threats; on optimism – not fear; and on confidence – not doubt.  It recognizes the challenges imposed by the uncertain conditions in a time of rapid change and makes the case for the necessity of U.S. seapower in the 21st Century.” The world is rapidly changing, and the Navy …

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YOUR Navy Today

On any given day, in your Navy, our team of more than 600,000 professional Sailors and Civilians are working together around the globe to perform our mission: deter aggression and, if deterrence fails, win our Nation’s wars. It is not possible to share every aspect of this global team but, through this …

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