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Watch Pensacola #SAAM Event LIVE

“The end of April does not mark the end of our effort to raise sexual assault awareness. We must build upon the momentum we have generated this month and move forward together, as one team, to develop a resilient and ready force that is intolerant of sexual assault.” – Vice Chief …

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CNIC: We Will Not Tolerate Sexual Assault

This blog post, courtesy of Vice Adm. William D. French, commander, Navy Installations Command, re-emphasizes the Navy’s ZERO TOLERANCE of sexual assault. Although the goal is year-around observation and compliance fleetwide, the month of April has been specifically targeted to heighten awareness of this counterproductive and destructive behavior. After all, …

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Faces of the Fleet

“Faces of the Fleet” takes a look at YOUR Navy operating forward. These images represent the greatest Sailors in the greatest Navy in the world leading from the deck plates, and completing missions around the globe. This is your fleet and these are your Sailors! Hooyah, Navy!!

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#SAAM: Get Involved, Be an Active Bystander

The following blog post, provided by Jill Loftus, Department of the Navy sexual assault prevention and response officer, addresses the very serious action of getting involved – or “bystander intervention” –  when you are aware of a shipmate who has been a victim of sexual assault. Too many times society …

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#SAAM: Have the Courage to Report it

“She was embarrassed. She was afraid that people would negatively judge her. She was afraid of repercussions from the command; that nobody would believe her. But most of all, she was afraid to report it. She, then, separated from the Navy after her first enlistment.” – ITC Megan C. Gibbs, Sexual Assault …

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#SAAM: Your Duty, Your Right

“Sexual assault is a crime that we cannot tolerate. It hurts our Shipmates and destroys the readiness of the unit in which it occurs. This violence is corrosive to morale and to our overall operational and combat readiness. We must take strong steps to combat it at every level in the …

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