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#SAAM: Have the Courage to Report it

“She was embarrassed. She was afraid that people would negatively judge her. She was afraid of repercussions from the command; that nobody would believe her. But most of all, she was afraid to report it. She, then, separated from the Navy after her first enlistment.” – ITC Megan C. Gibbs, Sexual Assault …

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#SAAM: Your Duty, Your Right

“Sexual assault is a crime that we cannot tolerate. It hurts our Shipmates and destroys the readiness of the unit in which it occurs. This violence is corrosive to morale and to our overall operational and combat readiness. We must take strong steps to combat it at every level in the …

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Sexual Assault Prevention

“This is my problem and this is your problem. Sexual assault is unacceptable and its roots need to stop at all levels; I can’t tolerate it and you shouldn’t either. It undermines our Navy Core Values and Ethos, and it undercuts safety and readiness.”   – Adm. Jonathan Greenert, Chief of …

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Your Navy TODAY (March 16, 2012)

On any given day, in your Navy, our team of more than 600,000 professional Sailors and Civilians are working together around the globe to perform our mission: deter aggression and, if deterrence fails, win our Nation’s wars. It is not possible to share every aspect of this global team but, through this …

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