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Collateral Children

This is the first blog post by NavyLive guest blogger, LT Sarah Higgins, currently deployed to Afghanistan. LT Higgins will be contributing blog posts the 2nd and last Friday of every month. This post was written earlier this month as a note to family and friends.

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Cameroon: Friendship, Security & Tribal Masks

I’m Chief Master-at-Arms, Jerry Mosley—officer in charge of the MCAST command’s Security Force Assistance (SFA) team. Upon request of the Cameroon navy, I took a small three-person team to the Douala navy base on Africa’s Atlantic coast to provide a physical security course. The course included training on anti-terrorism/force protection measures, personnel and vehicle security inspections and proper security checkpoint procedures. It’s just one of many courses our MCAST international security cooperation initiative holds with partner nations to strengthen global maritime partnerships.

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New Hawkeye Aircraft, Improved Situational Awareness

We are excited to announce the rollout of the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye. While this new aircraft looks similar to the older version from the outside, it contains many innovative technological design changes that set it apart. These advancements improve the aircraft’s ability to scan a larger area, detect smaller targets, process data about those targets faster, and link all of that information into systems that provide improved situational awareness during the multiple different mission types it can be called to support.

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