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Introducing: NavyLive Pilot Blogger, LTJG Jeff Ryan

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jeff Ryan is a pilot in the U.S. Navy assigned to the Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 21. LTJG Ryan is a 2008 Naval Academy graduate preparing for an upcoming deployment with the 2515th Navy Air Ambulance Detachment and will be sharing his experiences leading up to and during his deployment with you here on NavyLive.

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Captain Laraway Takes Your Questions on Operational Stress

DoDLive has scheduled a DoDLive Bloggers Roundtable with Capt. Lori Laraway, coordinator, Navy Operational Stress Control Program, for Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 10:00 a.m. EST. She will discuss the Navy’s Operational Stress Control (OSC) program and it’s success in increasing awareness of operational stress and the need to build psychological resilience.

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Building Trust Through Medical Partnerships

I’d like to share some thoughts on the strategic importance of Djibouti and the work we do with them in a host of areas. I often tell audiences at home and abroad that medicine is a language all nations understand. It’s one of the best ways to help people who are in need. Medicine builds bridges, builds trust and cooperation, and working together, our partnership in Djibouti will help improve our two countries for our mutual benefit.

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Energy Security and Energy Independence Saves Lives

So often we categorize saving energy as the ‘hip’ thing to do, but we need to realize the bigger picture. Don’t be misled, turning lights off and putting your computer screen on power save makes a difference; conserving energy reduces the amount of fuel we must purchase, transport, store and protect to achieve our mission. Ultimately, the DON emphasis on energy security and energy independence is a life saving obligation.

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Blogger’s Roundtable with RADM Philip Cullom on Riverine Command Boat (experimental) (RCB-X) Demonstration

Rear Admiral Philip Cullom, Director of the Chief of Naval Operations Energy and Environmental Readiness Division, will be available Wednesday at noon to discuss last Friday’s full-power demonstration of a Riverine Command Boat (experimental) (RCB-X) powered by alternative fuel at Naval Station Norfolk, Va. Alternative fuel represents one of several …

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