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Maui In The Arctic, An ICEX 2011 Update

Each year, the guys who build the camp come up with a theme for naming the huts. In 2007 they were named for Las Vegas casinos; in 2009 for famous submarines. This year, our buildings are named after tropical islands such as Oahu, Tahiti, Bali, and Fiji. So when I go to my hut to get some sleep, I’m not just headed to the bunk – I’m taking a trip to Maui.

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ICEX 2011 Step 1: Build the Ice Camp

The ice camp is really taking shape. We have 9 of the 11 berthing huts built along with our two largest buildings – the Mess Hall and the Command Hut. The team on the ice has really done a terrific job to complete this much construction in a little over a week.

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Navy Experiment Trident Warrior Aims to Improve Global Operations

  This blog post is by Captain Carl Conti, U.S. Fleet Forces Command’s Director of Experimentation. Captain Conti will be participating alongside Cmdr. Dave Varnes, Trident Warrior 2010 Director during a DoD Blogger’s Roundtable Tuesday, July 13 at 1:30pm EST.  U.S. Fleet Forces Command’s (USFF) Experimentation Directorate (N9E,) is tasked …

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