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Naval Innovation Reboot

This blog post is written by RADM Terry B. Kraft, Commander, Navy Warfare Development Command.  Video is of ADM John C. Harvey, U.S. Fleet Forces Command, speaking at a recent symposium: Thinking about Naval innovation conjures up technological transformations such as shifting from sail to steam, the birth of the aircraft …

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NAVAIR Salute: Mother Knows Best

What started out as a simple tribute to mothers with the wearing of a single white carnation by founder Anna Marie Jarvis to honor her recently passed mother, the observance of a “Mother’s Day” is now more than 100 years old. President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation on May 9, 1914, officially declaring …

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Faces of the Fleet

“Faces of the Fleet” takes a look at YOUR Navy operating forward. These images represent the greatest Sailors in the greatest Navy in the world leading from the deck plates, and completing missions around the globe. This is your fleet and these are your Sailors! Hooyah, Navy!!    

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2012 EOD Memorial Ceremony Honors Fallen Warriors

Honoring our fallen warriors is a tradition observed across the military. On May 5, multiple service chiefs were on hand for the 43rd annual Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Memorial Ceremony to help commemorate fallen EOD technicians, and recognize the sacrifices of their families, in a solemn ceremony at the Kauffman …

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Pacific Partnership 2012: The Mission

The U.S. Navy’s Pacific Partnership is a dedicated humanitarian and civic action mission conducted with and through partner nations, non-governmental organizations and other U.S. government agencies to execute a variety of humanitarian and civic action (HCA) programs. Pacific Partnership 2012 (PP12) will perform HCA activities in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia. …

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