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USNS Mercy, USNS Comfort: 2020 COVID-19 Deployment

This is the U.S. Navy blog site for the 2020 deployment of Navy hospital ships USNS Mercy (T-AH-19) and USNS Comfort (T-AH-20) to provide medical support to Americans in regions significantly affected by the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Visit here frequently to see the latest video content, imagery, news articles and other information about these ships and their Navy crew members as they serve Americans during this deployment.


The operation is led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, in coordination with U.S. Northern Command, Military Sealift Command and the U.S. Navy. The Navy is committed to providing Defense Support of Civil Authorities by increasing medical capacity and collaboration for medical assistance in two areas of the country that have seen tremendous impact from the coronavirus pandemic.

This infographic for the hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) reports statistical data while the ship was in New York City in support of the nation’s COVID-19 response efforts. Comfort cared for critical and non-critical patients without regard to their COVID-19 status. U.S. Northern Command is providing military support to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help communities in need.


Featured Video

May 15, 2020: USNS Mercy Arrives in San Diego

Navy.mil Releases

May 16, 2020: USNS Mercy Arrives to Naval Air Station North Island, Prepared for Future Tasking

May 15, 2020: USNS Mercy Departs Los Angeles; Military Relief Efforts Continue

Supporting Content

Ship Leadership Biographies (PDF)

Video Playlist: U.S. Navy Hospital Ships Mercy and Comfort

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News Releases

May 2, 2020: USNS Comfort Arrives Naval Station Norfolk Prepared for Future Tasking 

May 1, 2020: USNS Comfort Returns to Norfolk Prepared for Future Tasking

April 30, 2020: USNS Mercy’s First Pacemaker Surgery a Success

April 30, 2020: USNS Comfort Departs NYC Prepared for Future Tasking, Military Relief Efforts Continue

May 4, 2020: Blue Angels to Salute Texas, Louisiana COVID-19 Responders

April 30, 2020: Blue Angels, Thunderbirds to Salute Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Georgia COVID-19 Responders 

April 26, 2020: Thunderbirds, Blue Angels to Salute New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania COVID-19 Responders

April 24, 2020: America Strong: Blue Angels, Thunderbirds to Conduct Multi-City Flyovers

April 20, 2020: Comfort Admits Patients From New Jersey

April 15, 2020: Air Warfare Center in New Jersey 3D Printing Face Shields for USNS Comfort

April 14, 2020: Marines Conducting Security Help Save Patients Bound for USNS Comfort

April 14, 2020: Army Reservists Double Comfort’s Pharmacy Capacity

April 8, 2020: USNS Comfort Receives Critical Supplies in Support of NYC COVID-19 Response

April 1, 2020: Comfort Treats First Patients in New York

March 31, 2020: Acting Secretary Modly Visits USNS Mercy in Los Angeles

March 29, 2020: USNS Mercy Accepts First Patients in Los Angeles

March 29, 2020: Comfort Underway to Support City of New York

March 27, 2020: USNS Mercy Arrives in Los Angeles

March 27, 2020: St Louis Native Supports Nation’s COVID-19 Response Efforts Aboard USNS Mercy

March 26, 2020: Reserve Sailors Deploy Aboard USNS Comfort

March 24, 2020: Navy Reserve Arrives to Support USNS Mercy

March 18, 2020Hospital Ships, Other DOD Assets Prepare for Coronavirus Response

Historical Perspective

Answering the Call: Stateside Deployments of U.S. Navy Hospital Ships

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