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Navy Selection Boards Set to Restart July 1 (May 15, 2020)

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) — Selection, advancement and continuation boards are all set to restart July 1st, ensuring that Sailors across the fleet are in no way disadvantaged by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) delays to the original board dates. Read more on Navy.mil

E-8/E-9 FTS/SELRES results were released (April 16, 2020) Read more on Navy.mil

Navy Ups the Ante on Reenlistment Bonuses (April 15, 2020)

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy has released the mid-2020 Selective Reenlistment Bonus offerings and the news is good for many Sailors in key skillsets looking to stay in and cash out. Read more on Navy.mil

Division Officer Course: Training International Partners, Allies at SWOS (March 13, 2020)

NEWPORT, R.I. (NNS) — The International Surface Warfare Division Officer (DIVO) course is one of four international courses offered by the Surface Warfare Officers School (SWOS) at Naval Station Newport, with the latest group of students set to graduate June 19. Read more on Navy.mil

Reserve and FTS E-8 and E9 Advancements Hold Steady (March 2, 2020)

Senior enlisted selection season kicked off March 2, at Navy Personnel Command as the Fiscal Year 2021 selected reserve and reserve full time support E-8 and E-9 selection board convened in Millington, Tenn. Read more on Navy.mil

16-year-mark Cap Removed from GI-Bill Transferability Policy (Jan. 10, 2020)

WASHINGTON (NNS) — Sailors who are serving beyond 16 years and meet service-commitment eligibility criteria now retain the option to transfer GI Bill benefits to dependents as outlined in NAVADMIN 006/20 announced Jan. 10. Read more on Navy.mil

Navy Announces New Legalman Conversion Opportunities (Jan. 9, 2020)

WASHINGTON (NNS) — Beginning in 2020, the Navy’s Legalman (LN) community is expanding career opportunities for Sailors interested in cross-rating. Read more on Navy.mil


Surface Warfare Engineering School Command Offers ECS “C” School Course (June 25, 2020)

GREAT LAKES, Ill. (NNS) — Engineering Control System (ECS) “C” School course is a huge benefit to not only an engines’ lifespan but also the lives of sailors onboard. Read more on Navy.mil

The New U.S. Navy Master-at-Arms ‘A’ School (June 16, 2020)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (NNS) — The Center for Security Forces will pilot a major change to the Master-at-Arms Apprenticeship course today at the school. Read more on Navy.mil

Sailors Taking Summer, Fall College Courses Should Begin the Application Process (May 21, 2020)

PENSACOLA, Fla. (NNS) — Sailors planning to take summer or fall college courses using Tuition Assistance (TA) or Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE) should begin to submit their application requests. Read more on Navy.mil

New Regional Studies Program Prepares Enlisted Sailors for Next Assignment (May 21, 2020)

MONTEREY, Calif. (NNS) — A handful of senior Navy enlisted personnel are taking advantage of a new opportunity at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) to better prepare for their next deployment while also earning graduate-level credit. Read more on Navy.mil

A New Era of Enlisted Education (March 10, 2020)

Blog article by Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Russell Smith and Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Troy Black

One of the biggest challenges and greatest responsibilities for the Department of the Navy today is getting you — America’s Sailors and Marines — ready for the next fight. The war of the future will likely happen in this generation and it’s not going to resemble what we’ve fought in the last 18 years. Read more on Navylive

 Navy Releases Updated Inclusion and Diversity Policy (Feb. 27, 2020)

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy announced updates to its Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) policy in NAVADMIN 051/20, released Feb. 27, emphasizing tenets of inclusion as well as strengthening mechanisms and processes that aim to ensure inclusivity is prioritized force wide. Read more on Navy.mil

Engineering Duty Officer School Modernizes Delivery of Basic Course (Feb. 7, 2020)

PORT HUENEME, California (NNS) — Engineering Duty Officer (EDO) School graduated its last Basic Course class to use printed course books Feb. 7 before it transitions to a multi-platform modernized delivery system for its April 2020 EDO Basic Course. Read more on Navy.mil


Professional Military Knowledge-Eligibility Exam Deadlines to Change (July 16, 2020)

PENSACOLA, Fla. (NNS) — NAVADMIN 201/20 announced changes to completion dates for the Professional Military Knowledge-Eligibility Exam (PMK-EE) beginning with the fall exam cycles. Read more on Navy.mil

Navy Department Awards Web Service Moved and Modernized (June 25, 2020)

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) — Sailors now have improved access to their awards online through a modernized version of  the Navy Department Awards Web Service (NDAWS), which is available on BUPERS Online (www.bol.navy.mil). Read more on Navy.mil

MyNavy HR Announces MAP will Remain at 20% of Total Advancement Opportunity in 2020 (Jan. 9, 2020)

WASHINGTON (NNS) — Top-performing junior Sailors will continue to have the opportunity to be promoted to the next rank under the Meritorious Advancement Program (MAP), as outlined in NAVADMIN 005/20. Read more on Navy.mil


Reserve Sailors Proposed Force Improvement Awarded ‘Ready to Win’ Idea of the Year (March 11, 2020)

NORFOLK, Va. (NNS) — Commander, Navy Reserve Force is pleased to announce the 2019 Idea of the Year award to recognize Reserve Sailor’s Force improvement recommendations submitted through the Navy Reserve’s Ready to Win (R2W) Idea Portal. Read more on Navy.mil

Reserve Forces Announce Initiative to Improve Training Pay Delivery (Feb. 24, 2020)

NORFOLK, Virginia (NNS) — As part of MyNavy HR Transformation and Sailor 2025, Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command announced the arrival of AT/ADT eMuster, which will automate annual training (AT) and active duty training (ADT) orders execution in the Navy Standard Information Personnel System (NSIPS). Read more on Navy.mil

Navy Reserve Announces One-Stop Shop for Reserve Order Opportunities (Jan. 28, 2020)

NORFOLK, Va. (NNS) — Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC) announces the release of ZipServe, a new application that allows Reservists to apply for all Reserve order opportunities. Read more on Navy.mil


Navy Increases Spouse Licensure and Certification Reimbursement Policy – What You Need to Know (Feb. 18, 2020)

WASHINGTON (NNS) — Jodi Palmer knows frequent moves are just a part of Navy life. Countless hours, she says go into preparing for a military move.  It’s a drill she knows all too well as the wife of Cmdr. William Palmer. Read more on Navy.mil


Sailors Can Access MyNavy Portal Without Common Access Card (Feb. 3, 2020)

ARLINGTON, Va. (NNS) — Sailors have been asking for it and today the Navy delivered! Sailors can now access MyNavy Portal (MNP) from their personal mobile devices using their mobile web browser without a CAC. Read more on Navy.mil


Navy Announces Institution of Surface Warfare Officer Leather Jacket (Jan. 9, 2020)

WASHINGTON (NNS) — Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) qualified officers can now stand bridge watches in a soon-to-be issued leather jacket per NAVADMIN 004/20 released Jan. 9. Read more on Navy.mil


Navy Expands Government Travel Card Use for PCS Moves (June 24, 2020)

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) — Sailors are now authorized to use the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) for permanent change of station (PCS) moves. Read more on Navy.mil

Updated Travel Guidance for Navy Reserve Sailors (June 23, 2020)

NORFOLK, Va. (NNS) — Commander, Navy Reserve Force (CNRF) issued new, Reserve-specific guidance on June 22 for Selected Reserve (SELRES) Sailors travelling to conduct, Annual Training (AT), Active Duty for Training (ADT), and Inactive Duty Training-Travel (IDTT) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more on Navy.mil

Navy Prioritizes PCS Moves (June 12, 2020)

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) — Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves will soon be restarting using a conditions-based, phased approach and Navy Personnel Command (NPC) is poised to ensure that high priority sea duty units remain manned and ready to preserve maritime superiority. Read more on Navy.mil

Navy Easing PCS Stress With New MyPCS Mobile App (May 20, 2020)

MILLINGTON, Tennessee (NNS) — Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves are an unavoidable part of Navy life.  Whether you’re getting ready to do your first one or you’re a seasoned pro, the process can be stressful because it has so many components. Read more on Navy.mil


Blended Retirement System CY 2021 Continuation Pay Announced (June 18, 2020)

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy released the calendar year 2021 Blended Retirement System (BRS) continuation pay (CP) rates for eligible Sailors, in NAVADMIN 172/20. Read more on Navy.mil

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