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Ringing in 2017 U.S. Navy Style with USS John S. McCain

At the time this blog is posted, most people in Europe and the United States are busy readying themselves for a well-deserved evening of revelry ringing in the New Year. They are free do so, in large part, because at the same time more than 80 U.S. Navy ships and more than 63,000 Sailors are deployed around the world. Ens. Meriano, aboard USS John S. McCain (DDG 56), is one of them.


Earlier today, in keeping with Navy tradition, the ship’s New Year’s log entry, which was written by Meriano with help from the crew of “Big Bad John,” was entered:

Twas the Night before New Year; when Commander, 7th Fleet started his call:

On Benfold, On Barry, On Chancellorsville or McCampbell,

On Reagan, On Shiloh, or even Fitzgerald.

Unfortunately for him, the waterfront stood still,

But there was one, whose shoes other ships could not fill.

After 15 months in dry dock, Big Bad John was ready to rock

Through Fall and Winter patrol, we stood the watch

Even Christmas was stood with sand in our socks

Underway on New Year’s Eve

The McCain sailed the South China Sea

SNOOPIE Team away, Starboard Side

So we could check out the Chinese Jiangkai.

With 18 knots ordered, “Boats” drove us into the night

The Quartermasters exclaimed, “All Navigation lights burn bright!”

In the blue lights of combat, CSC turned and stated “SPY is secured.”

Air and MSS could not believe what they heard!

The TAO chuckled and sent them to bed,

With the OOD and her team on the bridge, there was nothing to dread.

The FCs had SPY maintenance looming,

But down in CCS, the engineers were zooming.

Away, Away, over X5J went Sounding and Security,

Even though we all knew they’d rather be in a brewery.

They manage our Engineering Plant, whose status is as follows;

2A GTM alive and kicking, in trail shaft configuration.

2, 3, and 5 Sea Water Service Pumps filled with determination.

With 4 and 3 Fire Pumps to add up to seven, those DC men sure were in heaven.

Number 2 Reefer was blowing cold air. The CSs were forced to bundle up with care.

With 1, 2 and 4 ACs at full attack, no one lay sweaty in their rack.

But alas, no one could be found there, even though sleep is what we crave most.

On the Mess Decks there were celebrations with cold root beer floats,

For we knew it’d be long ‘til we saw another coast.

The seas kept rocking us to and fro, and we had to ensure all gear was stowed.

Over the 1MC we heard Combat Systems Casualty.

The whole crew was stunned, until we heard it was only CONN 1.

Restored in a flash, the crew carried on with their New Year’s Day bash.

As we closed on the hour of O’ zero hundred,

We stand strong, just shy of a mighty three hundred.

A shout out to all those in Supply and Exec,

And to the guys in Weapons; stop causing a wreck.

With Operations and Combat Systems in battle over who was the finest,

The Snipes simply rolled their eyes in haughty silence.

Fortune Favors the Brave, lest we fail to remember the fallen.

We stand the watch to honor our calling.

With Sanchez and Sanchez to lead us through the night,

Happy New Year to all and fight the good fight!



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