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Happy Thanksgiving from the U.S. Navy

Messages of Thanks for our U.S. Navy Sailors’ Service and Sacrifice

This Thanksgiving and everyday, we’re thankful for our Sailors who are serving around the world, around the clock to protect and defend America… thankful for their families who serve at home… thankful for our veterans who have stood the watch… and we’re thankful for everyone who supports them. Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving from Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti. MCPON and I are headed to USS Wasp (LHD 1) and USS Roosevelt (DDG 80) to share the holiday with our shipmates on watch. Before you dig in this afternoon, be sure to give thanks for our deployed service members and their families.
– Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson

We asked our Facebook fans what they’re thankful for about the U.S. Navy. Below are some of their responses. Read them and tell us what you’re thankful for at the bottom of this blog.

Mandie D.C.:

Thank you U.S. Navy for your amazing assistance during our time of need, after the November 14th earthquake here in [New Zealand]. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Georgia T.:

That my grandson chose to join the Navy for a career. He graduated as a corpsman and is doing the field training now. My whole family for many generations has been in Navy.

Mark M.:

As a veteran of the United States Navy, I understand the sacrifice our Sailors make to protect our country. Missed a few holidays myself while deployed. Very difficult. Thank you for your service shipmates!

George B.:

My grandad was an aviation machinist mate in WWII on the Belleau Wood, then as today, our Navy puts themselves on the line daily for our safety. God bless you and keep you. Thank you for your service.

Barbara W.:

I thank the Navy for turning my son into a wonderful respectful man and my daughter into a brave secure young woman. Both are still serving in the Navy and make me proud. I also thank the Navy for protecting my freedoms and this land I call home. God bless our troops and their families!

David N.:

I am thankful for how well the #USNavy has helped my brother recover from two broken feet when his truck hit an IED in Afghanistan while serving with his Seabee unit. He is now fully healed and getting ready to finish his second contract. He wants to do twenty years in. So thank you.

Tim B.:

Truly thankful for the opportunity to serve this great nation in the U.S. Navy. Had an awesome experience learning about how life really is, which gave the courage to go out there and grab what was in store for me.

Dina C.: 

This is my first Thanksgiving without my children. My son a Marine is deployed and my daughter, a Sailor, has the watch floor this year. I miss them very much, but I am thankful and proud my children chose to protect and serve our country! I am thankful and proud of everyone that has chosen to protect and serve our country! Stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Grace A.:

I am thankful for being born to and raised by a Navy veteran and Navy wife. I was taught, not only by my parents, but the experience of being a Navy brat, to appreciate the time my dad was home and appreciate how my mom had to be both parents for a good chunk of time while I was growing up. It taught me to love and respect not only my country, but also the men and women who serve to protect it and those they leave behind. I am thankful for the best Navy in the world; they not only protect us but represent us in the best way possible.



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