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5 Things You Need to Know: Enlisted Personnel Policy Update for Sailors with PFA Failures

From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

Sailors who are being processed out of the Navy for three PFA failures in four years now have updated guidance on how to stay in uniform. The details are contained in NAVADMIN 233/15, released Oct. 7.

This message follows-up on the PFA NAVADMIN previously released in August of this year, and details changes to the enlisted personnel policy.


Here is what you need to know:

1. This guidance is most important for Sailors running out of time to stay in the Navy.

More than 200 Sailors have service that runs out between October and Jan. 1, 2016. Sailors can request an extension to 31 Dec 15 and if they pass the Cycle 2, 2015 PFA can request another extension to June. This gives individuals time to pass the full PFA, get their paperwork in order, update their advancement and evaluation info, and compete for a C-WAY quota if they need it.

It is important for Sailors to ask for an extension now so that an involuntary separation does not become a voluntary one.

2. Get your command’s help.

Extension requests and filling out special evaluations will be made through your command and coordinated through NPC for any following rating specific requests.

3. Expect less money if you separate without making every effort to stay in the Navy.

Sailors who leave but don’t try to pass the PFA will not be eligible for Involuntary Separation Pay.

Sailors who seek to stay in the Navy, pass both the Cycle 2, 2015 and Cycle 1, 2016 PFA, and submit their C-WAY application when authorized, will be considered as taking advantage of every opportunity and will receive Involuntary Separation Pay if they are not retained.

4. Pass the PFA to make sure the rest of the process can happen.

Sailors facing separation can’t stay in if they don’t pass the Cycle 2, 2015 PFA before Dec. 1.

Sailors who fail the cycle 2, 2015 PFA and that is their third failure in 4 years will be separated, and are not eligible for the reset of PFA failures.

5. Sailors with PFA failures will not be assigned to certain units.

This includes overseas billets, pre-commissioning units, recruiting duty, instructor duty, or assignment to Washington, D.C., or combatant commander jobs.



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