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Chief of Chaplains Discusses Chaplain Corps Myths, Suicide Prevention Month

From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

The Chief of Navy Chaplains recently dispelled several myths the Fleet harbors about the Chaplain Corps and connected the important role of chaplains in building Sailor and family resiliency to Suicide Prevention Month.

Rear Adm. Margaret Grun Kibben spoke on the Weekly Wire Rundown, an informational video blog produced by the Office of Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP), and the full video can be viewed below.


September is Suicide Prevention Month, and Kibben said that chaplains play a crucial role in prevention and intervention by giving Sailors a safe outlet to discuss their problems.

“When an individual is struggling with something in their lives and they just really want someone to talk to about all those issues—whether suicide is on the table or not—they know that they can come to a chaplain with complete confidentiality,” said Kibben.

Among the primary rumors that Kibben said she has encountered in the Fleet is the idea that chaplains will try to convert Sailors or “just do religious stuff.”

“You set the agenda when you come to talk to us,” said Kibben. “If you want to go down a discussion where we talk about religion, I’m all over it, but if you just want to talk through some stuff and you don’t want to put that religious flavor on it, we are still an advocate for you.”

A final point Kibben emphasized is the 100 percent confidentiality between chaplains, and Sailors and family members.

“Chaplains are not mandatory reporters, in any case, in any situation,” added Kibben. “It’s what makes us unique from any other provider that’s out there.”

You can find more information on 100-percent confidentiality with chaplains here.

You can get more news and information from the Chief of Chaplains’ office by following them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/chiefofnavychaplains/

Their blog: http://chaplaincorps.navylive.dodlive.mil

And website: www.navy.mil/local/crb

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