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WWR – Interview: A Look Ahead at the Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium

From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

The Sea Services Leadership Association’s (SSLA) 28th annual Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium (JWLS) is going on next week from June 11-12 in San Diego.

Each year, JWLS brings together service members, decision makers and policy influencers to address global challenges and to encourage and strengthen leadership development within the services.

The President of the SSLA and the Chair of this year’s JWLS, Lt. Cmdr. Rosie Goscinski spoke with Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Elliott Fabrizio on @USNPeople’s Weekly Wire Rundown to discuss this year’s event.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

Beyond ear-marking an application to apply for next year, why should Sailors not in attendance care about and follow what’s happening at this symposium?

“Last year, the Chief of Naval Personnel attended, and he heard from Sailors that they needed longer gym hours, expanded Child Development Center (CDC) hours and increased maternity leave. Those ideas translated into the SECNAV’s recent policy changes that included all those issues. So at the symposium, we have this dialogue that can affect changes for our Navy’s future.”

What issues do you see being discussed during this year’s symposium?

“This year’s theme is ‘progress and possibilities – embrace our future now’. And what that is focused on is the integration of women into all billets in the Navy—specifically into all operational forces and Special Forces. We want to understand the impacts and the kinds of things we need to do to move ourselves forward on this, and we’re going to have those discussions.”

I know this event is open to both men and women, but who is your ideal candidate?

“We encourage anyone from E-1 to O-10 to attend. We want both men and women to be a part of these discussions. Also, Sailors that are considering their career milestones or considering if the Navy is still for them—we’ve found that of those that come to this symposium, 92 percent of them have made a decision to stay in the Navy, because they’ve felt recharged and reenergized, and that the mentorship and training they’ve received has been really beneficial to their career.”

Editor’s note: For more information on JWLS, visit http://www.sealeader.org/events/



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