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Keep an Even Keel this Holiday Season

By Rear Adm. Rick Snyder
Director, 21st Century Sailor Office

The “most wonderful time of the year” is upon us, but amidst the excitement, the holiday season can present some challenges: financial pressures, family separation, relationship stressors, less time for exerciseand meal planning, and traditions that maybe you no longer feel connected to. Each of those challenges can take a physical and emotional toll, sometimes leaving us searching for ways to keep the “happy” in the holidays. Though happiness and meaningfulness are often related personal goals, they are not always connected. The ability to find meaning in both positive and negative experiences is enhanced by strong personal relationships, self-satisfaction, and other protective factors that can help us navigate stress this holiday season and all year long.

Now through January, Navy’s 21st Century Sailor Office, in collaboration with Navy chaplains and experts in psychological health and resilience, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, physical readiness, and fleet and family support, will share resources to help Sailors, families, and Navy civilians proactively identify sources of holiday stress, build a sense of community and grow from our experiences throughout season and into next year. Resources are designed to encourage everyday actions that enhance total Sailor fitness, promote peer support, and get ahead of destructive behaviors.

Follow the Operational Stress Control program on Facebook, Twitter,and WordPress for stress navigation tools and resources so that you can stay on course this holiday season.

Happy Holidays, shipmates!

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