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Your Perspective Is Vital With SAPR Survey

By Adm. Mark Ferguson
Vice Chief of Naval Operations

I wanted to take a moment to let you know where we stand with our SAPR survey and how you can help impact our way forward.

As of this week, 29,000 of you have taken our 2013 sexual assault survey.  The survey looks at the prevalence of sexual assault across the force, barriers to reporting, and bystander intervention.  These are core elements that will help us understand the depth of the problem and further shape our actions to prevent and respond to sexual assault.

As I travel throughout the Fleet, many of you ask me what you can do to help our SAPR efforts.  My response is simple.  First, be a good shipmate – look out for each other.  Trust is the foundation of our effectiveness and we cannot be successful at sea or ashore without it.

Second, if you see something, say something.  Through your survey responses and other studies, we are learning the role command climate plays in deterring sexual assault.  In some cases, sexual assault may be enabled by issues such as discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.  These behaviors are not acceptable, nor are they in accordance with our ethos.  All Sailors deserve a responsible, professional and safe work environment.

Finally, take the time to make your voice heard on the issue of sexual assault.  You can do this by participating in our ongoing survey.  Your perspective is vital.  As leaders, we all play a role in shaping our Navy; participating in surveys and talking with your chain of command about this problem is key to shaping our future.

If you have taken the survey already, thank you.  If you have not done so, there is still time.  Our goal is a minimum of 65,000 respondents by the end of the year.  The survey is found at www.donsapro.navy.mil/donsas.html and the password is 2013Survey.

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