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Gamers Wanted to Solve Navy Challenges

By Rear Adm. Bryan Cutchen and Rear Adm. Scott Jerabek
Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command and Commander, Navy Warfare Development Command

How can the Navy maintain the capabilities and capacity the nation relies on in an era of constrained resources while mitigating risks?

That’s what we are asking you – and the crowd – to help answer using Cap2con MMOWGLI, an Internet-based card game. Players build on, counter, refine or seek further information on “seed” cards. The cards address our capability and capacity challenges to generate innovative ideas from a broad field of participants in a collaborative environment.

MMOWGLI Screen Shot


We are asking our active and Reserve officers and Sailors and the civilian force to work together and brainstorm ideas to help us mitigate some of these effects. We know the best ideas come from the deck plates and flight lines, but sometimes they’re not heard by the people that have the authority to take action.

Phase I – an idea discovery phase – will be played until Nov. 10. Phase II, which will focus on further refining the ideas from Phase I, will be played Dec. 8 to 15.

We hope this exercise will draw out those ideas and provide some practical solutions that will help our Navy retain critical warfighting capabilities.

Results of the game will be used to inform high-level discussions about future Navy force structure, strategies and capabilities across the active, reserve and civilian components.

You can play for as little or as long as you want, 24-hours a day, from any Internet browser.

Sign up at https://mmowgli.nps.edu/cap2con/signup.

Cap2con MMOWGLi is sponsored by the Chief of Navy Reserve, Navy Warfare Development Command, Office of Naval Research and the Naval Postgraduate School.

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