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Government Shutdown

Civilian Team: What You Need to Know about Pay Our Military Act

By Doug Lundberg
Director, Office of Civilian Human Resources

With the approval of the Pay Our Military Act, the Department of the Navy was able to recall almost all of our civilian employees. Unfortunately, we were not permitted to bring all employees back to work. We are hopeful that they, too, can return to work very soon. Below is what we know about how Pay Our Military Act affects pay and leave for those employees now excepted from the furlough.

1. How does POMA affect my pay during the furlough?

Furloughed employees recalled by Pay Our Military Act will get paid for the days worked since the employee was recalled back to work. For many employees, this begins Oct. 7.

2. Will employees get back pay for the time they were furloughed between Oct. 1 to 4?

There is legislation proposed to provide back pay for civilian employees impacted by the shutdown furlough. If that bill is approved, then employees will receive back pay for their furlough time. The back pay would be paid after approval of an FY14 appropriations bill or a continuing resolution.

 3. What about my leave? I didn’t earn any annual leave or sick leave due to the furlough?

If the retroactive pay legislation (noted above) is approved, leave, along with back pay, will be restored after the approval of an FY14 appropriations bill or continuing resolution. 

4. How does Pay Our Military Act affect my annual leave, sick leave and other forms of leave?

Excepted employees recalled to work are now allowed to take annual and sick leave as well as other leave upon approval by the employee’s supervisor. 

5. Can excepted employees take annual and sick leave during the shutdown under Pay Our Military Act? How should they code their time card?

As a result of Department of Defense guidance related to Pay Our Military Act, all excepted employees may take annual and sick leave during the partial shutdown. Employees should record their time as they normally would absent a partial shutdown (e.g., LA for annual leave and LS for sick leave).

6. In the case of the excepted employees for Oct. 1 to 4 (coded RG), will they be paid on time for those four days on the Oct. 11 payday?

Yes, excepted employees (since the beginning of the furlough) should receive compensation on the Oct. 11 payday.

If you have additional questions, please visit the Office of Civilian Human Resources website at www.donhr.navy.mil, contact your civilian human resources office, or email questions to DONhrFAQ@navy.mil.

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