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What You Need to Know About the Navy’s SRB Updates

By Rear Adm. Tony Kurta, Director, Military Personnel Plans and Policy


NAVADMIN 077/13 announced updates to Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB).  Here are five frequent questions with answers on the Navy’s SRB program. 

1.  What is the Selective Reenlistment Bonus?

SRB is a re-enlistment incentive for Sailors with critical skills and experience to stay Navy. SRB rewards Sailors who attain special training in skills most needed in the fleet, and helps meet critical skill reenlistment benchmarks and enhance Navy’s ability to size, shape and stabilize manning. Award levels are adjusted as reenlistment requirements for specific ratings and skill sets are met.

2.  When was the SRB update announced and where can I get information on the changes?

The update was announced Mar. 26 in NAVADMIN 077/13.   The NAVADMIN contains the skill/zone combinations that qualify for a bonus.  Sailors should work with their Career Counselor counselors, command master chiefs, and chain of command to discuss timing of reenlistment and procedures well before their EAOS.  You can read the complete list of SRB award levels and policy at http://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/career/enlistedcareeradmin/pages/srb.aspx

3.  Will sequestration impact Navy’s ability to pay SRB to Sailors?

Military pay, including bonuses, is exempt from the effects of sequestration.  We do adjust our SRB to remain within budget.

4.  With so many Sailors staying in the Navy why does there need to be SRBs?

We must manage the force at the rating and NEC level rather than looking at just the overall end strength number. We use SRBs to provide incentive to Sailors with high demand skills to reenlist in ratings that have critical manning needs.

5.  When do SRB changes take place?

The increased award levels are effective immediately and decreased levels are effective 30 days from the release of the NAVADMIN.

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