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Navy 311: Ready to Help Sailors Answer Any Question, Any Time, Anywhere

Whether you’re at sea, in port, on duty or on liberty, NAVY 311 is your single point of entry to access help desk support across the Navy – and no topic is off limits.



How does Navy 311 help Sailors?

Have a question? Then call Navy 311. It’s that simple. Navy 311 is there to help Sailors perform their daily work and manage their Navy life.

You can call about maintenance, ship parts and/or repair, personnel or career matters, training, quality of life, facilities, medical support, ordnance, or any other non-emergency, non-tactical topic.

The Navy 311 service is available to Sailors and other service members, military families, civilians, veterans, contractors and the occasional inquisitive citizen.

Your 24/7/365 gateway for the following issues and more:

  • Systems and equipment:(e.g., hull, mechanical and electrical, weapon systems, IT, technical data).
  • Quality of life (e.g., medical and chaplain care).
  • Personnel (e.g., career, manpower, training).
  • Supply and logistics (e.g., requisition follow-ups, ordnance, food service, household goods).
  • Installations and facilities (e.g., environmental, public works, community support).

Why Navy 311?

Navy 311 is not a new service, but rather a new name for the Customer Relationship Management component of the Navy’s Distance Support capability.  As such, “Navy 311” simplifies help desk access and easily identifies this assistance from among the many other important Fleet Distance Support services.

Many forward-thinking government organizations and municipalities are using centralized “3-1-1” call centers to cost-effectively expand citizen services and streamline operations.  In the same manner, Navy 311 is focused on achieving Fleet customer service excellence through modern technology, timely feedback and increased operational efficiency.

Benefits of Navy 311

Navy 311 aims to provide an enterprise framework for proactive service delivery to the Fleet and past and predictive analysis to leadership for fact-based resource decisions. Some key benefits of Navy 311 include:

  • Reactive Service Delivery: Provides Fleet access to authoritative information and assistance in near real-time, in port and at sea, and whenever and wherever afloat units are operating.
  • Proactive Service Delivery: Allows providers to “push” critical information to Fleet customers in anticipation of planned maintenance and/or operations.
  • Predictive Analysis: Integrates data from transactional support systems across the Navy to give Fleet customers and program offices a broader view of recurring systemic issues so they can make improved resource decisions.
  • Metrics: Enables decision makers to determine effectiveness of support community, identify requirements for resource reallocation, analyze return on investment (ROI) and other analyses.
  • Call Center Optimization: Supports a collective, modernized approach to data collection and exchange, standards, reporting metrics, and interaction across individual Navy contact centers.
For more information visit http://www.navy311.navy.mil/

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