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#WARFIGHTING – Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center

October is #Warfighting month. During this month we will focus on the Navy warfighters, a fast flexible force that is always ready to deploy to preserve peace, defend freedom, protect commerce, and deter aggression above, below and on the sea. In this blog we asked Capt. Eric Jabs to talk about what it means to be a part of the Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center. 

I’m Captain Eric Jabs, and I am very fortunate to have command of a terrific team known as Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center (ECRC)!  At ECRC, our job is to prepare Navy Warfighters to deploy into ground combat zones overseas. We outfit our Sailors with all the right gear needed for their mission, and also make sure they are properly trained for the environment they are going to enter. As war is the ultimate competition, we must continually keep our training and gear updated to counter whatever tactics the enemy is using. The ECRC team supports the CNO’s tenants of Warfighting First, Operate Forward and Be Ready on a daily basis!

We train our Warfighters in a wide variety of areas, such as Combat Life-saving, Personal Security Details, or convoy operations. We accomplish this training at multiple Army and Air Force bases all around our country to provide the most realistic training environment possible. The training location is dependent upon what mission our Sailors will be executing. You can see some of the training in this Navy Individual Augmentee Center Training (NIACT) video.

ECRC was established in 2006 when the Navy saw an opportunity to better prepare our Sailors for the often dangerous missions involved with Individual Augmentee (IA) orders. Since then, we have trained hundreds of thousands of Navy Warfighters. Last year alone, we trained more than 7,200.

The hardships endured by these Sailors who leave the comfort and stability of their normal unit and their home to fulfill an IA mission can make for an extremely stressful time. It is also ECRC’s job to simplify the process and support our IA Sailors and their families during their training, deployment and return.

One of the time-honored traditions of the military is the homecoming celebrations for our troops. The outpouring of support and admiration for our returning Warfighters is not only well-deserved, but provides an opportunity for all to laugh, love and loosen up.

Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center plays an integral part in the redeployment/demobilization process to ensure our Sailors get home expeditiously and safely. We have greeted and transported literally thousands of Sailors as they have returned to our country from missions overseas.

We’d love to hear from you on what you think of ECRC’s support to the Navy Warfighter. And if you were/are an IA Sailor, how did ECRC do in support of you and your family?

Equipment Operator 2nd Class Alejandro Lopez operates a backhoe to prepare for the construction of a multi-purpose building. U.S. Navy photo by Utilitiesman 3rd Class Jennifer Stewart (RELEASED)

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