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Navy Resident Energy Conservation Program

“The Resident Energy Conservation Program adheres to the Navy’s shore energy approach of energy efficiency, changing culture and behavior. By changing our culture and behavior toward energy efficiency in our PPV homes, we will reduce our energy costs; savings that can be put back into our Navy family housing communities for services, programs and amenities benefiting our Sailors and families.”
Vice Adm. Bill French, Commander, Navy Installations Command

The Navy is aggressively pursuing conservation initiatives that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and other fossil fuels. The Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) helps achieve that goal by attempting to reduce utilities consumed by Navy Public Private Venture (PPV) housing projects by transferring some responsibility for utilities costs from the PPV partnership to the residents consuming the utilities, consistent with Department of Defense policy. RECP programs are being implemented by all military services and directly supports the Chief of Naval Operation’s goal of 50% reduction in ashore energy consumption by 2020.

How The RECP Works

  • RECP focuses on utility conservation efforts to reduce electricity and gas usage in PPV housing. Currently, water and sewage are not included in this program because they are not metered.
  • Residents will be responsible for paying for utility costs that are 20% or more above the established utility usage target for their residence. To help offset out-of-pocket expenses, residents may accrue credit when their utility consumption is 20% or more below the established usage target.
  • Research indicates that when utilities are included in the rent, utility consumption is higher than when residents pay for utilities separately and residents can see their monthly usage.
  • Cost savings will be reinvested back into the housing community in which Sailors and their families reside to fund reserve accounts for renovations and improvements to homes and neighborhoods.

What You Need To Know

  • Wounded Warriors are exempt from the RECP program and residents with Exceptional Family Members (EFMs) with documented requirements for excess energy usage may request a waiver from participation. Military personnel with disabilities requiring excess utility usage may also be eligible for a waiver.

Lowering our energy consumption supports Navy’s efforts to mitigate our energy vulnerabilities related to the electrical grid.



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