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Navy Housing – Helping us help you

“As a Navy leader – and someone who lives in Navy housing – I am committed to ensuring service members and their families have suitable, affordable and safe housing. Recent events pertaining to mold in Navy barracks, and government owned and family privatized housing have indicated a need to more clearly communicate assistance available on all issues, but particularly when pertaining to health or safety issues. 

This is a personal issue for me. I am determined to ensure we are providing the very best housing throughout the fleet – but I also need your help. If you help me by reporting your housing issues, we can help ensure you maintain a house or barracks room that you can feel proud to say is your home.” –VADM Bill French

Blog Post by Commander, Navy Installations Command Public Affairs

Should a health or safety issue arise during a Sailor’s stay in Navy barracks, government owned, or privatized family housing, we’ll work with the Sailor as an advocate for their needs until we find a solution. If the issue cannot be resolved, we will work with the Sailor to find alternate accommodations. Whether in a barracks room or home, if you live in Navy housing and suspect a health or safety condition exists, please report it to the local Private-Public Venture (PPV) office, the local Navy Housing Office or your barracks manager. Use your Chain of Command; talk to your LPO, LCPO, Division officer, Ombudsman and even your Commanding Officer until you feel you’re getting the right amount of attention on your issue. If you feel you are having health issues that may be related to conditions in your home or barracks room, see your medical provider immediately and then report the issue to your command medical officer or representative and your chain of command.

Taking personal responsibility to prevent issues like mold before it gets out of hand is essential. In many environments mold can grow no matter how well we maintain the home or condition the air quality. Be vigilant and ensure areas of your home or barracks room that tend to have more moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms, are kept clean on a regular basis. Often times, all it takes is a once weekly wipe down with mold/mildew cleaner.

As a ready and resilient force, 21st Century Sailors and their families must feel confident they can report personal and housing concerns in order to stay safe and healthy in the places they live so we can all focus on our mission, our duties and those we care about.



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