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21st Century Sailor and Marine – Physical Fitness

“Physical fitness is important to ensure our Sailors are not only fit and ready for deployment, but also resilient and able to handle the stress of everyday life. The goal is to ensure physical fitness is a part of every Sailor’s daily routine.” – Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) Juan M. Garcia III

Ten years into the longest sustained combat operations in American history, Sailors must be ready to meet the demands of performing in a tactical environment. Physical readiness is a crucial link to ensuring Sailors are ready to take on the challenges the Department of the Navy (DoN) faces today and in the future. Personal Fitness for the 21st Century Sailor

Nutrition for the 21st Century Sailor

  • Mission Nutrition is a nutrition education curriculum developed and monitored by a registered dietitian. The course is provided in modules and can be customized to meet the interests, needs, and time constraints of the attendees. Topics range from risks and diseases associated with overweight/obese and sedentary lifestyles to sports nutrition and hydration for performance.
  • Galley Go Green is a nutrition education and food selection program in Navy galleys. Menu items are labeled as green (high performance-GO), yellow (caution-limit quantities) and red (stop) to assist Sailors in making healthier food choices. Each menu item is classified based on nutrient density, total fat and sodium content.
  • An updated version of the military-Nutrition Environment Assessment Tool (m-NEAT), formerly the CHOW survey, will be released this fall to provide commands a way to assess their eating environment and to take actionable steps to make improvements.

21st Century Sailors Choosing to be Tobacco-Free

  • The DoN is moving toward being tobacco-free by choice with a continued education campaign on the hazards of tobacco use, providing easy access to free cessation tools to every Sailor and Marine trying to quit and ending the discounts for tobacco products in Navy Exchanges (NEX) and Marine Corps Exchanges (MCX). By the end of fiscal year (FY) 2012, NEX and MCX tobacco prices are required to match the most competitive price in the local market.
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products, i.e. NRT gum and patches, shall be supplied at no cost to Sailors and Marines aboard all ships, base clinics, pharmacies, and Battalion Aid Stations prior to the end of FY 2012.

Facts & Figures

The Navy is working to improve the nutrition environment on bases, increasing the quality of food and beverage choices and increasing knowledge and awareness to promote informed choices. Physical readiness is a crucial link to ensuring Sailors are ready to take on the challenges the DoN faces today and in the future. The goal is to provide our Sailors and Marines with the best tools to succeed and excel.

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