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U.S. Third Fleet: Securing the West Coast

“Our Navy and Marine Corps team is built for Warfighting First, to Operate Forward and to Be Ready to go into harm’s way when necessary. Third Fleet ensures our Sailors and Marines have the realistic and relevant training they need at the right time to be successful.

-Vice Adm. Gerald Beaman, commander, U.S. Third Fleet-

U.S. 3rd Fleet (C3F) provides the training necessary for an effective global Navy; leads naval forces in the eastern Pacific from the west coast of North America to the International Date Line; and builds joint, interagency and international relationships that strengthen our ability to respond to crises and protects the collective maritime interests of the U.S. and its allies and partners.


Warfighting First

  • C3F’s primary mission is to certify, train, and deploy combat-ready forces able to fight and win today.
  • C3F provides maritime security throughout the area of operations while developing and operating a worldwide deployable combat-ready naval force that is capable of deterring aggression and prepared to fight and win against any adversary.
Operate Forward
  • C3F deploys carrier strike groups, amphibious ready groups and independently deploying units forward from the U.S. West Coast and Hawaii to provide our nation offshore options worldwide.
  • Through rigorous training and certification, C3F ensures deploying naval forces have the ability to assure joint operational access and deter, influence and win.
Be Ready
  • This summer, C3F will lead the 23rd Rim of the Pacific exercise. RIMPAC 2012:
    • Is the world’s largest international maritime exercise.
  • Will include 22 nations, more than 40 ships and 25,000 personnel.
  • Provides a unique training opportunity that strengthens international maritime partnerships and demonstrates the value of naval forces.
  • For latest on RIMPAC 2012, visit http://www.cpf.navy.mil/RIMPAC
  • As advocate for operational units, with emphasis on integrated air and missile defense and undersea warfare, C3F serves as the voice of our Sailors and leads through innovation as the Navy builds the future force.
  • C3F conducts more than two dozen annual or biennial exercises each year that sharpen our Sailors’ warfighting skills and hones our ability to win tomorrow.
Facts and Figures

  • C3F’s area of operations encompasses more than 50,000 square miles.
  • C3F personnel/assets include:
    • More than 60,000 Sailors
    • Four carrier strike groups, a numbered expeditionary strike group and four amphibious ready groups
    • More than 50 surface combatants
    • Twenty-nine submarines
    • More than 400 Navy aircraft
Our Sailors, Marines and civilians, along with their families, are the cornerstone of our success. Trust and cooperation is the keel upon which successful international maritime partnerships are built. Cooperation and collaboration either bilaterally or multilaterally, enhance security, stability and prosperity.

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