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#TweetAbout: 21st Century Sailor

Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs led a “Tweet About” with Navy’s roughly 60,000 Twitter followers on June 7 to discuss personnel policy issues and the 21st Century Sailor and Marine initiative.

Assistant Secretary Juan Garcia, tweeting from his office in the Pentagon, opened the conversation to all of Navy’s online followers, which included Sailors, Marines and family members, as well as friends and supporters of the Navy.

“After over a decade of continuous combat operations, your Navy leadership is determined to give you the most comprehensive set of programs to support you and your families. The 21st Century Sailor and Marine initiative is designed to do just that,” said Assistant Secretary Garcia. “Whether face-to-face at a forward base in Afghanistan or through a virtual discussion online, I want to make sure every Sailor and Marine knows about all the support programs out there aimed at making them part of the most resilient and combat effective force in our department’s history.”

The 21st Century Sailor and Marine initiative consolidates a set of objectives and policies, new and existing, to maximize Sailor and Marine personal readiness. The initiative has five core areas: safety, physical fitness, inclusion, readiness and continuum of service.

Tweets from the discussion:

1. Asst. SECNAV getting ready to start #tweetabout#21stcenturysailor looking for ur questions

2. B4 I get started #TweetAbout #21stCenturySailorwould like to introduce @CSADD G8 example of our young Sailors leading the way!

3. Why #TweetAbout #21stCenturySailor? 1 Describe personnel policy changes 2 Intro #21stCenturySailor3 TY our Sailors/families

4. Let’s #TweetAbout #ERB. PTS was working, but high retention was causing G8 Sailors, in TOUGH rates & with bad TIMING to go home

5. #TweetAbout #ERB Historic retention led 2 historic imbalances in ~35 rates (102% 130% manning in some!) impacted careers of every Sailor

6. #TweetAbout #ERB took burden from re-enlisting Sailors (PTS) & gave onetime look at ALL Sailors in overmanned rates

7. #TweetAbout 3K selected by #ERB are good Sailors & we want to keep them on the team to the max extent possible ow.ly/br1qv

8. #TweetAbout #ERB and how it impacted the Fleet? B4: Reenlistment quotas were 20-30% per month. After: 70-80% per month.

9. #TweetAbout Tuition Assistance #TA Critical 2 recruiting & retention. 8K Sailors/Marines earned degrees last year! ow.ly/br23D

10. #TweetAbout #TA DoD funds TA & budgets are going 2B tight we expect some reductions funds will need 2B used wisely ow.ly/br2zn

11. #TweetAbout pay? Despite budget discussions, Sailors should expect a 1.7% increase next year, & a 1.7% increase the following year.

12. @doingmostgood #21stCenturySailor – Continuum of Service: Once U put on uniform, we want U2 STAY NAVY TEAM ow.ly/br3m8

13. #TweetAbout Why create #21stCenturySailor? 10 years sustained combat OPS leadership understands our force is stressed ow.ly/br3BZ

14. #TweetAbout #21stCenturySailor – Readiness: Common factor among suicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, personal safety, & DUI? Alcohol

15. #TweetAbout #21stCenturySailor – Fitness: is important to the mission & we need all at the top of their game right now

16. Thank you everyone for tuning in and RT#TweetAbout #21stCenturySailor!

For more information on the 21st Century Sailor and Marine initiative, visit http://www.21stcentury.navy.mil.

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