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Two Heads Are Worse Than One

Here we go again as we delve into a mountain of mistakenly, mind-boggling summary of mishaps with Derek Nelson, of the Naval Safety Center, who asks about your “mom” and openly questions, “are two heads really better than one?”  Based on Derek’s blog below, one really has to wonder …

“And if your friends were going to jump off a bridge, I suppose you’d do that, too?” – quote from YOUR Navy Parent

Did you ever hear that one from your Mom?

I thought about it recently reading a mishap report about a drunk E-4 who jumped off a bridge while nine fellow Sailors let it happen (well, six—one tried briefly to stop him, and two others jumped as well). The E-4 drowned.

The Navy’s “buddy system” (a timely voice of reason when a Sailor gets a notion to do something dangerous or destructive) makes sense—as long as one of the buddies has some sense. Part of being an adult and a responsible Sailor is speaking up.

  • Know when to draw the line. Letting the “least drunk” guy get behind the wheel isn’t much of a plan when both people have a B.A.C. over 0.08.
  • Letting a buddy “test drive” your motorcycle is a recipe for disaster when he doesn’t have a license or training. So is offering your helmet and letting him say, “No, thanks.”
  • Have a plan and stick to it. If you don’t, you can have a bunch of new risks to manage in a hurry.

It might be hard to speak up, but it isn’t that easy to explain why you didn’t do anything after the you-know-what hits the fan.


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