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Team Navy – Reserve component Sailors multiply force

Active duty and reserve component Sailors secure and fortify a remote combat outpost on the eastern edge of Khavejeh Molk, Afganistan.
104,532 Sailors are serving in the Navy’s Ready Reserves and as of Feb. 28,2012 there were 4,703 of them deployed… many of which to the U.S. 5th Fleet/U.S. Naval Central Command area of responsibility. Vice Admiral Mark Fox is responsible for leading the men and women assigned to that area and his team of professionals help ensure peace and stability and protect America’s vital interests in the 5 million square mile area which includes the Red Sea, the Arabian Gulf, the Arabian Sea and parts of the Indian Ocean. He writes this post to express his appreciation for the Sailors in the Navy Reserve who support that mission.


Admiral speaks with Navy reservists in Afghanistan.

As we approach the 97th anniversary celebrating the creation of the Navy Reserve on the 3rd of March, it is appropriate to recognize the critical support Naval Reservists provide to  U.S. 5th Fleet/U.S. Naval Central Command  operations on a daily basis.

Naval Reservists bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from not only their previous Navy experiences, but their civilian backgrounds as well.   Professors, police officers, doctors, lawyers, students, and business owners are serving as a force-multiplier to our fleet and they are doing so with distinction.

Navy reservist interviews an Afghan laborer after a recent attack in Afghanistan.

Reserve Sailors serve side-by-side with Active Duty Sailors, integrating seamlessly to contribute essential naval war-fighting capabilities.  Their tours vary in length and satisfy the necessary requirements for Annual Training (AT), Active Duty Training (ADT), Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW), or Individual Augment (IA).  Regardless of what’s printed on their orders, they are flexible, invaluable members of our team.

The reserve component’s contribution to COMUSNAVCENT/FIFTH FLEET cannot be overstated.   We acknowledge their ‘can do’ attitudes with great pride and admiration!


Active duty and reserve component Sailors pose after securing and fortifying a combat outpost in Diwar, Afghanistan.

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