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No matter what else I do with my life, I will always feel like my naval service mattered because I had a part in keeping the United States the strongest nation in the world.

USS Abraham Lincoln: One Sailor Making a Difference

Life on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier is a fast-moving orchestration of man in concert with machine. On deck, aircraft flying majestically from forward-deployed, sovereign U.S. soil can be an evolution of elegance – and at the same time, one of the most dangerous places on earth. In this blog we take a look at a day in the life of USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Sailor Chief Petty Officer Richard Palmer who is one of the people responsible for ensuring safety during flight deck evolutions and of YOUR Sailors’ daily lives. As the senior enlisted Sailor in the ship’s Safety Department, he has the huge responsibility of overseeing a myriad of other shipboard programs, ranging from the ship’s mast to its engine rooms below deck. Richard writes this blog from both a professional and personal perspective, as he shares a day in his life with you. Along with his words, we share images of him to help paint the picture of his story … enjoy.    


The Navy gave me an opportunity to do something honorable with my life at a time when I had nothing else going for me. I enjoy being part of something so large and relevant because the Navy has worldwide impact.

One thing I love about the Navy is the people. Not everyone has been a constructive part of my life or career, which would be true anywhere. But the people I have had the chance to serve with have been incredible. They have shaped me into not only the type of Sailor I am, but the type of person I am, as well. Sailors come from all over the world and bring their insights and viewpoints, and my life is richer for adopting their best ideas and methods.

Being a Chief is the best job in the Navy; there is no job like it. The world is changing and people are changing, but Sailors will always need their Chief. No education level and no amount of talent can replace the wisdom that comes from an experienced Chief Petty Officer. I get to not only lead our Sailors, but groom and develop the next generation of Chiefs and even officers that will lead a Navy that isn’t even here yet. That’s a huge task, but the rewards are great, and I am thankful I get to be a part of it.








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