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Wheel of Fortune ‘Spouses’ It Up

This blog post is being written in honor of military spouses worldwide. We hear all the time how our “better halves” hold down the fort while the service member is deployed – and they do! They manage households, raise children and make many – if not more – of the sacrifices service members regularly make while away.  On Jan. 12, the hit TV-game show, Wheel of Fortune, took their turn in honoring military spouses with their very own show as 15 spouses of service members were chosen to compete for cash and prizes. This marked the first time the show has entered into this endeavor in its 37-year history. 

Just like Pat Sajak said, they have done a lot of Wheel of Fortune specials where the men and women in uniform come onto the show. This picture shows one of those specials from 2006. That’s six years ago! But over the last six years, or ten years, and even as far back as 1775, the military members were not the only ones that have made sacrifices to their country.

Grace French, one of the contestants and wife of Chief Navy Counselor Brad French, stationed at Coronado, Calif., spoke about the challenges and adventures of being a “Navy wife“. “Besides being a one woman operation (while my husband is deployed), we move at least every three years. It can be difficult because you are constantly leaving these friends we have made and then we have to make new ones, which in itself, I find, is fun and adventurous. I enjoy it; I like the sense of adventure and the unexpected.” And she STILL LOVES HER “CHIEF” as you can plainly see:

And we thank you, too, Grace French. For it is our husbands and wives, our children, our parents, our cats and dogs, that keep us going when we are out there, giving our all, whether it be on land or at sea. The thoughts of who we do this for, in that tangible image, and knowing that you support us, put up with us, and make sacrifices for us so that we can continue to serve and protect not only you, but all the great citizens of this nation, this is what helps us make it through our deployments.

Vanna White, we thank you, too.




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