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Navy Culinary Specialists-Without ’em the Fleet Don’t Eat

Gone are the days when Navy cooks just sling hash, serve “sh#t on a shingle,” and make Navy bean soup. Today’s culinary specialists (CS’s) are highly trained in preparing nutritious and delicious meals in sometimes less than ideal conditions.  Whether it’s grilling on a ship operating in heavy seas, baking in a desert tent, sautéing while submerged in a submarine or braising at ten thousand feet–Navy CSs are deployed around the globe ensuring the men and women of America’s Navy operate at peak performance.

We know this food doesn’t magically appear when our Sailors are ready for it.  Much planning and detail goes into menu preparation and food creation.  Today’s CS’s have greater culinary instruction than ever before with even more advanced training on the way.  Recently instruction and competition events were held in Norfolk and San Diego to help our would-be “Bobby Flays” and “Cat Coras” hone their skills and see how they stack-up against their peers.  If you didn’t know any better you would think the clips below were pulled directly from Food Network or Gordon Ramsey’s latest show on Fox.

Norfolk–“Top Chop” Mid-Atlantic Regional Galley Competition

San Diego– 5th annual “Iron Chef” Competition for Navy Region Southwest, judged by award winning chef, Sam “The Cooking Guy” Zien, of  the Discovery Health network’s, “Just Cook This!”



Key Take Aways Regarding Navy Culinary Specialists:

– More than 7,000 deployed around the globe, feed on average more than 92 million wholesome and nutritious top quality meals per year, ensuring our fighting forces are operating at peak performance to respond to threats worldwide.

– Nothing impacts Sailors on a day-to-day basis more than the great food our CSs prepare for them-these top quality meals directly contribute to Sailor quality of life and morale.

Today’s CSs have greater culinary instruction than ever before-with even more advanced training on the way. Our Sailors, both afloat and ashore can look forward to healthier and better tasting meals in the near future.




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