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Surface Warriors Unite

Beginning January 10th military, government and industry personnel are in Arlington. Va,  for the 24th annual National Surface Navy Association Symposium. The 3-day event brings together Sailors from around the fleet who are part of the Naval Surface Warfare community. 54,712 Surface Warriors make up this dedicated group of professionals who focus on developing one of the critical areas of the Navy’s ability to provide national security, through partnerships with other military, government and industry professionals. One of those Surface Navy Warriors, LT Scott Cheney-Peters, was on scene for the day’s events and gives us some of the highlights.


The highlight of Day 1 was the keynote remarks by Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert. In his remarks CNO discussed the current strategic landscape, his sailing directions, upcoming challenges (10-15 years out), and areas where the Navy and Industry can work better together. 


“As we work through the budget deliberation-work through that large number- we need to consider the industrial base.  As I look at the industrial base I am comfortable with the situation we have, but we have to look beyond just shipbuilding.  We need to consider weapons, sensors-key areas like nuclear components.  If we lose some of those key areas-it will be very hard to reconstitute.”Admiral Jonathan Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations


LIVE FEED from CNO’s remarks posted today on Twitter @USNavy 

4:34 @CNOGreenert speaking now #SNA12..stay tuned for live tweets!

4:35 Talking #landscape, current challenges, way ahead for Surface #Navy @CNOGreenert LIVE NOW at #SNA12

4:37 Built budget, focus on #Navy’s enduring business–need our #Sailors, boardrooms and wardroom 2 be focused @CNOGreenert LIVE NOW #SNA12

4:38 Be ready 2 meet 2day’ challenges TODAY @CNOGreenert LIVE at #SNA12 #beready

4:39 from boardroom 2 wardroom, decision making in ur #Navy =@CNOGreenert sailing directions: #warfighter first #opfwd #beready LIVE NOW #SNA12

4:41 build a relevant & capable future fleet + take care of civ + familes = build the force @CNOGreenert LIVE NOW at #SNA12

4:42 Focus on global #maritime crossroads to be effective @CNOGreenert live now #SNA12

4:53 challenges ahead for ur #Navy: payload v. platform, unmanned systems, cyberspace #warfigher capabities- @CNOGreenert live now #SNA12

4:54 we will continue 2 dominate #undersea capability @CNOGreenert live now #SNA12

4:55 we will align Defense Strategic Guidance w/capablities + force structure @CNOGreenert live now #SNA12

4:57 Navy + #industry partnerships: ship building, repair&maintenance (SSRI’s), speed 2 fleet + reversibility KEY @CNOGreenert live now #SNA12



VADM Hunt linked the majority of his remarks to the 3 tenants of the CNO’s Sailing Directions – commenting that they provided great direction and aligned exactly with the Surface Warfare Community.


.       Providing credible combat power with properly manned, trained, and equipped Surface forces.

.       Fully capable of prevailing in every situation – now and in the future

.       Focused on ensuring surface platform wholeness


.       The Surface Force is reaching out in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and strategic cross roads across the globe.

.       Engagement with others, the Surface Force brings direct “Contact” with others.   Contact directly equates to influence and we are the best community in DOD to provide this, alongside our Marine partners, operating from our Amphibious ships.

.       We provide the full spectrum of capability from HA/DR (Theater Security Cooperation) through major combat operations we assure our allies; deter our adversaries; and we encourage those, yet undecided, to join our camp.


.       The enabler for all we do in the Surface Navy.

.       Focus on professionalism . taking ownership of our ships

.       Developing resilience – the ability to self sustain for periods of time while being opposed by a skilled adversary . satellite denial, communications jamming, cyber attack.

.       Properly resource our Sailors to be the professionals they strive to be every day.


For more information and the latest updates-be sure to follow the Navy on Twitter as we will be tweeting live all week from #SNA12.



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