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Stennis Sailors get in a New York state of mind

It is that time a year again–the weather gets a little colder and we look forward to spending time with loved ones around a decorated tree or a bountiful dinner table enjoying each others company. Unfortunately, this will not be the case for the more than 50, 000 Sailors who on any given day (including Christmas Day) are deployed worldwide standing the watch so that others may enjoy their holiday.

Over the next several days a number of sports and Hollywood stars have offered to place calls to a handful of these deployed Sailors to wish them Happy Holidays and to say thank you for their service. 

We intend to share as many of these calls with you as possible as a way of highlighting our Sailors sacrifice and as way of thanking these busy public figures for taking the time to remember our deployed Sailors and their families.

[youtube r6t-XZzc9tk nolink]

New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi makes a holiday call to Sailors stationed aboard USS John C. Stennis from team offices in New York City. Girardi thanked the Sailors for their service and wished them Happy Holidays.


“Receiving this call from Mr. Girardi was very important to me – it’s a reminder of NYC!  It boosts my pride of where I am from even more.  It also makes me feel great to know that even though we all have tough schedules – the Yankees Club is taking time out to say hello and thank you.”
AO1 Gabriel Palin


“Being away from my loved ones is very hard, especially now during the holidays.  I miss my family very much and wish I was there spending quality time together and celebrating the New Year with them.  This opportunity brought me great joy – knowing that there are people who recognize and appreciates the hard work and sacrifices that we, as military service members, often endure.”
LSC Nicolas Hernandez


“The phone call with the Yankees manager meant so much to me especially because I am from the Bronx.  I always wondered if one day I would have the opportunity to speak with a player or the manager, now that I have it’s an amazing feeling.  This is something that I will always remember and appreciate for the rest of my life. I feel honored that he took his time to talk to me for a few minutes. It shows that the team appreciates what we do to protect our freedom.”
MC3 Jose Jaen


“It means a chance to be intimately involved with the spirit of New York.  I have always been a long-time Yankee fan and relate to things that represent my city.  I love songs that insight passion about New York and just to be a part of that city having lived there for 20 years of my life – I am very proud to say that I am a “New Yorker!”
LN1 Lakisha Baldwin


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