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Shipmates to Workmates: Taking Your Talent to Federal Jobs

The following blog post was written by Rear Adm. Clarke Orzalli, vice commander Naval Sea Systems Command.

The Shipmates-to-Workmates program — managed jointly by the Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Air Systems Command, Naval Facilities Command, Naval Supply Systems Command, Commander, Naval Installations Command, Space and Naval Warfare Command, Military Sealift Command and the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations — has been established to provide information about government civilian career opportunities available at partnering commands and to actively assist Sailors in preparing job applications and resumes.

Through the website and other outreach programs, the program will attempt to demystify the government service hiring process, match job supply to demand, link existing Navy and DoD transition support, and assist qualified sailors with local hiring processes.

Have you been affected by the Enlisted Retention Board?  This blog may be just what you need to read.   The skills, education, experience, leadership abilities and in many cases your security clearance are exactly what we are looking for.  We want to take advantage of that talent and enhance our civilian workforce by assisting you in a possible transition to a meaningful civilian career within the Department of the Navy.

The Shipmates-to-Workmates program is here to provide you with information about government civilian career opportunities.

The program offers more than just resume writing tips and interview strategies.  The aspect that I am the most excited about is the scheduling of career forums.  We have finalized arrangements to hold four career forums with another six in the works.  These forums will bring human resource personnel from partnering commands to fleet concentration areas. These human resource personnel will review your resume, provide general assistance with job searches and answer questions about opportunities and careers at participating commands.  This is truly a great opportunity for you to find out what is out there as you begin a new career.  I strongly encourage you to participate in a future forum.

I would like to point you to the Shipmates-to-Workmates website which offers you many valuable resources, including the schedule of upcoming career forums, a “Transition Resources” menu that is functionally organized.  http://jobs.navair.navy.mil/sm2wm/Forums.aspx.   This will allow you to become familiar with all of the resources that are available to you.

The Shipmates to Workmates program has representatives that you can contact via e-mail (NSSC_SM2WM@navy.mil) or phone Com: (202) 781-0444/1312; DSN 326-0444/1312 (workdays 0800-1700 EST). These representatives will screen your requests and then direct you to human resource personnel from the partnering commands that, in turn, will assist you with resume reviews, job searches and general questions about government civilian careers at the partnering commands.

This program is set up to give you every advantage you need to get started in a new government civilian career.  I urge you to become familiar with the resources that are available for you.

You are a valuable asset to any organization.  You answered the call to service, and served with honor, courage, and commitment.  You are EXACTLY the type of person that employers are looking for.  I ask you to approach this opportunity as you have tackled opportunities before—HEAD ON.

NAVSEA alone employs over 57,000 professionals across 33 activities in 16 states.  Look at the opportunities that we have that may meet your skills.  Our goal is to find a match for you, we would love to add you to our ranks.

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