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Your Resume

This blog post was written by Mr. Tim McGough, a federal employee on the staff of Commander, Navy Installations Command who transitioned to federal service after retiring from the Marine Corps as a Gunnery Sergeant.

Arguably the most important thing you will need to land the job you are looking for once you get out of the Navy is your resume.

Yes you have the drive and you are out there beating the proverbial pavement, trying to land that perfect job to get your new career started or to further your already started career.

Let’s face it you have to have a slick, smart looking, easy to ready, to the point resume to get you to the next step…the interview.

Is your resume tailored to the job you are looking for at this time? Is it easy to read? Does it get to the point and highlight all the great things you have accomplished in your professional endeavors?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you need to attend your local Fleet and Family Support Center’s (FFSC) Resume Writing Workshop. Let me tell you about a guy I know and his resume.

This friend of mine, umm yeah, that’s it, this friend of mine, he had his resume ready to go. He looked online at one of the thousands of websites that shows you how to build a winning resume. He filled in the blanks and it looked good to him, so he thought he was done and all he had to do was send his resume out and the employers would be beating down his door to hire him.  Well, it didn’t really work that way.

I umm, I mean he didn’t receive one call in the months and months of looking. On the other hand he did receive dozens of emails, telling him that he wasn’t qualified or he wasn’t one of the highest qualified applicants. Let me tell you I was or I mean he was very discouraged.

He wanted to be one of those guys who walked out of the military and into a job while he was on terminal leave so he could be collecting two paychecks for a while.

After showing his resume to his buddies, he received many comments, critiques and recommendations about how to improve it…all bad. They were all trying to help but to no avail. He still couldn’t land that job he wanted and his retirement date was coming up fast.

One day he was walking by the FFSC on base and saw a flyer for their Resume Writing Workshop. He walked up to the front desk and asked about the workshop.  The front desk person signed him up for the workshop and now he not only has a winning resume, he has a good paying job that his new and improved resume helped him get.

Remember, your resume will get you in the door to the interview. If you take the time to make your resume strong by using the services your FFSC offers you, you really can’t go wrong. I could tell you more about my “friend” but I am only allowed to use 500 words to write this blog.

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