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TAMP Classes, offering Sailors the support they need

This blog post was written by Mr. Tim McGough, a federal employee on the staff of Commander, Navy Installations Command who transitioned to federal service after retiring from the Marine Corps as a Gunnery Sergeant.

The Transition Assistance Management Program (TAMP) offers Sailors and their families the support they need for a smooth transition (it is in the name) to civilian life. Ok there is the standard answer you hear all the time, but it is very accurate.

So let me try to explain it in 500 words. First of all TAMP is one thing and TAP is another. I know you consider both the same. I did as well…until recently.  TAMP is the transition and employment assistance offered by your Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC). TAP, the Transition Assistance Program is offered by the Department of Labor (DOL) at your FFSCs.

In addition to the DOL TAP employment workshop, FFSCs offer one-on-one counseling and additional seminars and workshops to all service members and their families on transition topics such as, 10 Steps to a Federal Job, Interviewing Skills, and Resume Writing.  There are more but it would fill up limited space I am allowed with all that the FFSC offers.

So back to TAMP…

The Navy’s goal is to ensure you [the Sailor] a successful re-entry into the civilian workforce by preparing you [the Sailor] with the necessary skills, tools and self-confidence needed for such a transition.

Below are some reasons you should see your local TAMP professional.

  • Resume tailored to a Sailor’s specific civilian equivalent skill set (Translation – Take what you’ve learned in the Navy and put it in civilian terms)
  • Knowledge of interviewing techniques (Believe me you will need to learn interviewing techniques even if you have the “gift of gab.” The “gift” is not enough. You have to know how and when to speak to have a successful interview that gets you the job. I have talked many a prospective employer out of hiring me.  Learning interviewing techniques is a very good thing.)
  • Importance of networking / social networking (You never know who you will meet and who could be a potential employer. You have to get out there and hit the job fairs, answer the classified ads, make the cold calls, etc. to get the job you want.)
  • Complete a personal assessment to enable informed choices to pursue degree or additional training (Things you are going to need to get the job you want.  Education and training. This will help you find out where you stand, where to go and how to accomplish your goals.)

TAMP and TAP programs are great resources to use as well as the many classes, workshops and counseling that are offered at your local FFSC.  As the America Forces Network “commercials” say, you need to start a year out from the time you decide to retire or end your active service.

You might want to check out some of the regions’ information pages at www.ffsp.navy.mil.

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