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Exceeding Expectations

We would like to welcome Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) (SS/SW) Rick D. West on his inaugural post to the NavyLive blog.

This week kicks off the final stage of the Navy’s Sailor of the Year Recognition Week in D.C.  This is the last step leading up to meritorious advancement to Chief Petty Officer for our four outstanding Sailors of the Year.

MCPON with 2009 Sailors of the Year

I am very proud and honored that for the first time in history all four of our SOYs are women:

HM1(SW/AW) Ingrid J. Cortez, 2009 U.S. Fleet Forces Sea Sailor of the Year;

OS1(SW) Samira McBride, 2009 U.S. Pacific Fleet Sea Sailor of the Year;

HM1(SCW) Shalanda L. Brewer, 2009 Navy Reserve Sailor of the Year;

CTT1(SW/AW) Cassandra L. Foote, 2009 CNO Shore Sailor of the Year;

will be meritoriously advanced to Chief Petty Officer at a ceremony held at the United States Navy Memorial and Naval Heritage Center July 22.

The Sailor of the Year program, sponsored by the Chief of Naval Operations, was established in 1972, by then Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Zumwalt and Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, John Whittet.  They established the program to recognize one individual who best represented the ever-growing group of dedicated professional Sailors at each command and ultimately the Navy.  When the program began, only the Atlantic and Pacific Fleet Sailors were recognized.  Within ten years, the Sailor of the Year program was expanded to include the shore establishment and Navy Reserve Sailors.

The competition is steep at each level, from the command, to the region, fleet and force level, our best Sailors competed against each other to be the Sailor of the Year.  The steep competition shows that the quality of today’s Sailors is the best it has ever been – we are asking more of them and they continue to excel, meeting and often exceeding every expectation.  Our great Navy is made from Sailors who represent the best and brightest from all walks of life and I can’t think of a better time to serve in our Navy.  HOOYAH!

—   Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy(SS/SW) Rick D. West

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