MPT&E Fleet Master Chief Beldo on Billet Based Distribution

From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

This week in the Rundown, we spoke with Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education Fleet Master Chief April Beldo on billet based distribution (BBD). BBD is designed to enable the Navy to more efficiently assign personnel to match specific billets based on their rank, rating and Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC). Fleet Beldo discusses the importance of BBD, what it will do for the Navy and the future of the initiative.

“It’s important for our fleet, Sailors and leadership to know that billet based distribution is going to fit the right Sailor with the right skill to the right job, and I think that’s important. That’s what they’ve been asking for.”

“For the Sailor that’s looking for orders, it will be transparent. They will still look for orders like they do today using CMS-ID. However, for the detailer and for the command, they will be able to ask for the exact NEC they need.”

MPT&E Fleet Master Chief April Beldo