#ArmyNavy Game: Our Navy’s Subs and USNA’s Wide Receivers

When our midshipmen take on West Point’s cadets in the 116th Army-Navy Game, the mids will be wearing uniforms that pay homage to seven types of our ships – detailed on seven hand-painted helmets that each player will wear, assigned by position.

As we countdown towards our 14th consecutive victory against Army, we’re sharing how these ships and their Sailors protect and defend America.

We start with our submarines, which Navy’s wide receivers will wear on this helmet.


Predominantly utilized as blockers, wide receivers play a key role in driving the Navy rush attack, taking on a stealth-like persona as they blend into the rhythm of the offense but bring significant fire power when called upon, just like a naval submarine. 

For our enemies, America’s Navy is a frightening adversary. At any moment, our submarine force is patrolling the deep, anywhere our subs needed.

They can operate in any environment, from the icy seas of the Arctic to the deep oceans of the world. Our submarines can accomplish a variety of missions, including long-range missile attacks, special forces delivery, anti-ship and submarine warfare, and many top secret missions.

Watch more about our Silent Service in this video.

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