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New Weekly Wire Rundown open
New Weekly Wire Rundown open

@USNPeople Weekly Wire Rundown: August 2, 2015

The Weekly Wire Rundown is a weekly video blog from the Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel, highlighting the top stories affecting Sailors and their families. The video compliments the print edition of the @USNPeople Weekly Wire, which you can subscribe to by e-mailing usnpeople@gmail.com. It can also be downloaded at www.navy.mil/cnp. We welcome any question and feedback on personnel matters or how to make this product better serve Sailors and their families. 

Watch and let us know what you think.




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  1. So does that mean you could get kicked out of the Navy? I’m planning to go in either this year, or next year. It seems like its getting harder and harder to get in… I am within that range, but I just don’t want to fail ANY PFT tests.

  2. William S. Norva

    It is a Physical fitness program designed to stay fit based on weight, height that yield at least a 22% BMI reading while in military service. Be it known that every command has no nutritionist to watch everybody’s eating habits in a daily basis in every command climate, let alone to be stationed on board a small FFG destroyer underway for a lenghty operational commitment. Answer to your question Seriniti, while in civilian world, slowly maintain a self discipline and away from your eating comfort zone. Once a self discipline is in place, you will be a transformed future Navy person and ready to fight war at sea! Read your BUPERS MANUAL / Corpman’s manual on how to lead an outstanding eating habits and you won’t have to deal with the “FAT BOY’S PROGRAM EVER!” Just follow every rules the Navy will throw at you you will retire as a Master Chief in 20 years time. Your retired shipmate!

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