Stay In The Know – Download the Official U.S. Navy App Today!

Look around at a restaurant, on a commuter train, at people standing in line, and maybe even (but hopefully not) at your dinner table and you’ll see people on their mobile devices. It’s no surprise that people are becoming increasingly more connected using mobile technologies – they go where we go.

We created the Navy app as a news and information resource with the realization that the public, and our Navy community, is increasingly looking to their mobile devices to stay informed. So, if you’re interested in staying in the know with all things Navy, download the official U.S. Navy app today!

With all the apps in the mobile markets to choose from, what makes the official U.S. Navy App special? Why should YOU make room on your mobile devices?

  • It’s FREE – The official U.S. Navy app is available for free download on your phone and tablet in the iOS, Android, Chrome and Windows market.
  • It’s TIMELY. Top Navy content – to include top stories, imagery and video – is updated several times a day. Users can also access an official Navy calendar for important events (upcoming exams and boards, FITREP due dates) and view past events via the Navy historical section. Once downloaded, you will also receive U.S. Navy’s breaking news stories on your mobile device
  • It’s PERSONAL. We’re a service that’s deployed around the world, around the clock. A world map shows the locations of U.S. Navy bases, historical sites, and fleet assets and users can click on an icon to access additional content on that site or asset. Users can also personalize the content they receive by choosing from 25 channels to learn about a specific Navy topic.
  • It’s RELEVANT. Whether it’s checking out your next duty station or looking to see whether severe weather has impacted your base’s operating hours, our goal is to provide information that is useful to you and your families.

The official U.S. Navy app is available for download on your phone and tablet in the iOS, Android, Chrome and Windows market.

Download now from:

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Have you already downloaded the U.S. Navy app? Give us your feedback in the comments section. We are currently incorporating user feedback for future updates.