Update on Navy Working Uniforms

When the NWU’s lack of flame resistance recently came to light, the Navy committed to establishing a working group to fully investigate future uniform requirements. Today, the Navy formally established two Uniform Working Groups – led by Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces and Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. The purpose of these two working groups is to ensure the safety of Sailors, while also maintaining operational readiness.

Here’s what you need to know from today’s update:

The groups will work in succession:

  • The first working group will take a fact-based approach and is tasked with determining whether to limit FR organizational clothing to Sailors who work in engineering departments, flight decks, and other high risk areas; or to expand FR organizational clothing to all Sailors afloat.
  • The first working group’s findings will help determine whether an updated requirement is necessary and, if so, will outline: whether to consolidate efforts and resources in purchasing organizational clothing; specific areas where organizational clothing should be worn; who should be authorized to wear organizational clothing; and what type of flame resistance, thermal protection, and/or durability is required for organizational clothing.
  • The second working group, using the findings from the first working group, will then determine future requirements for working uniforms at sea.

Below is the message that was sent from U.S. Fleet Forces Commander Adm. Bill Gortney to commanders and command master chiefs regarding the flame resistant qualities of NWU’s: