Navy Live – Top 5 of 2012

It’s been an amazing year for YOUR Navy.  Lots of challenges,  great moments, and accomplishments by our Sailors, made 2012 a very successful year. The following is a look back at Navy Live’s top 5 blogs, marking some of our most important milestones.

#1: USS Enterprise: Past, Present and Future

“Just as the “Big E” did when she was delivered 51 years ago, the FORD class represents a true “leap-ahead” ship that will be the centerpiece of U.S. naval power for the rest of the 21st century, proudly carrying on the tradition and legacy of ENTERPRISE.”

 #2: Zumwalt Class Destroyer SITREP

“DDG 1000 culminates two decades of research and development, creating the next generation destroyer capable of defeating future threats. The revolutionary design of the ship itself reduces its signature and includes both active and passive self-defense systems, plus enhanced survivability features.”

 #3: SECNAV’s #Energy Goals Come to Life with #GreatGreenFleet

“In 2009, Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Ray Mabus announced five aggressive energy goals to reduce the Department of Navy’s (DON’s) consumption of energy, decrease its reliance on foreign sources of oil, and significantly increase its use of alternative energy.”

#4: LCS: Let’s Talk Facts

“Let’s not forget that we’ve been doing something almost unheard of in the shipbuilding business. In relatively short order — and far faster than the 12-15 years it takes with a destroyer — we designed a new ship class…we commissioned three of them, with nine more in various phases of construction…and now we’re going to deploy one to the Western Pacific.”

#5: #WARFIGHTING First… Warfighting Always

“Warfighting. It’s what we do in the Navy. We destroy or block an enemy’s force at sea, keeping the sea lanes open for ourselves and for our allies. We blockade an enemy’s ports, strangling his economy. We seize and hold beachheads and bases anywhere they may be needed. And we transport, protect, put ashore and sustain ground forces and their equipment.”