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Pearl Harbor: Lest We Forget

The following blog post is written by MC2 Xander Gamble, of Defense Media Activity in Ft. Meade, Md., who is on assignment in Pearl Harbor to capture events commemorating the 70th Anniversary of America’s acknowledged entrance into World War II.

While in Pearl Harbor for the 70th Anniversary of the unfortunate events that occurred on Dec. 7, 1941, I had the opportunity to speak with many civilians and ask their feelings of how they felt about being here for that event. The answers that I received were as wide in variety as the people I interviewed. I even had the opportunity to talk with veterans who were here on the day the attack happened. One veteran told me he received a “free haircut” when a blast had singed his hair. The most important thing that was stressed by every one of these individuals was that, “we should never forget.”

The following are photos of those individuals I had the opportunity to talk with, including Pearl Harbor survivors and people from the USS Utah and USS Missouri memorials. To help us remember Pearl Harbor, please join us, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on YouTube, to remember this anniversary.



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  1. Thank you, America’s Greatest Generation!
    Both my late parents served in WW-II
    Dad, 12th Armored Div ETO
    Mom, Navy WAVE Flying Weather Missions over the Pacific
    I Served in Vietnam

  2. My grandfather, Joseph C. Mattingly was stationed at Hickam Field on December 7th.  My wife’s grandfather, Julius “Jimmy” Alford was stationed at Scofield (sp) barracks.  It is amazing to me that the grandchildren of 2 survivors, from different parts of the country would meet and marry.  God Bless the service and sacrifices of all our veterans.

  3. My Dad was a plank owner on the Battleship, USS Indiana.  Served proudly in The Navy.  My Mom worked for the Navy Dept. in the states during the War.  Even though my Dad did not become a Navy career man, we remained a Navy family.  Go Navy – Beat Army!  Thank you to those Navy personnel that came before and those that are still serving proudly.  Thank you for keeping us safe at home.

  4. GODBLESS ,never forgotten!

  5. My Dad served in both the European and Pacific Theaters with the 97th Infantry.
    My Mom worked for the OSS in Washington DC while my Dad was stationed there. My Step-Dad was a P-51 Mustang Pilot stationed in England. They are the Greastest Generation.

  6. My dad served in WW-ll Navy and my son is serving right now in Hawaii also Navy. So proud of all the men and women who have served and continue to keep us free and safe from harms way! Go Navy!

  7. George H. Freese, Chief
    Boatswains Mate, USS Curtiss AV-4.

    John B. Faust, TMC (SS), USS Plunger (SS- 179)

  8. My Uncle Wallace Turner was attached and onboard USS Utah BB-31.  As the ship rolled onto its side he slid down the side and into the water.  He was a strong swimmer so managed to swim underwater while people in the open were being shot at by enemy planes.  He spent 52 months overseas in the Pacific and only returned home after the war.

  9. Two of my Uncles were at Pearl Harbor.  John Kane in the Marines and Albert Kane on the USS New Mexico with the Navy.  Both made it home!  So, many gave their lives that day.  Proud to say my son-in-law is a US Marine stationed at the Mountain Warfare Center in Calf. and my son is an MA with the K9 unit stationed in Groton, Ct. Father-in-law was a memeber of the United States Airforce and Father was on the Robert L. Wilson and USS Brattleboro in the Navy.  Thank You and God Bless all the veterans and their families.

  10. Fred H. Dietrich, USN Dec. 7, 1941
    Past master, Free and Accepted Masons of California, 32nd degree Scottish Rite, Noble of the Al Mahlika Shrine Temple.

  11. ADCS Martin W. Lowery Ret.
    My father, Norman Lowery,was in WWII in Italy, France, Germany as a Combat Photographer.  Two Uncles in the Pacific, SGT. Carl Lowery in the Artillary and  PFC Clyde Lowery was in the Army Air Corps flying the “Hump” and became a MIA in 1944.

  12. My husband’s uncle, CHGun John E Tracy was stationed on the USS Indianapolis, which happened to be away from the port when Pearl Harbor was attacked. His wife Virginia Tracy was a nurse in the hospital and saw the attacks from the windows. God bless all those who have served, all those who lost their lives and all those who are serving. I’m proud to say I’ve had several uncles of my own serve in the Navy, my father & now my son-in-law. 

  13. Honoring the service and example of my father-in-law, Walter Anthony Caprini and my uncle John Christopher Daniels, survivors who were stationed at Scofield Barracks, on December 7th, 1941.
    Thanks for the legacy that is being passed on through the following generations!  Congratulations Wajo, on the new Ensign Grandson you have!

  14. Elliott Hoyt Ingram SC1c 1940 to 1946

  15. Nita Huntington Hiler

    My uncle Henry Huntington was serving on board the USS ARIZONA on that fateful day…he was of four brothers serving our Nation; he was the only one lost.  Two served in the Navy; one in the  Air Force and one in the Army.  God Bless America.

  16. Nita Huntington Hiler

    My uncle Henry Huntington was serving on the USS ARIZONA that fateful day.  He was one of four brothers who served our Nation during WWII; two Navy (including my Dad), one Army Air Force and one Army.  He was the only one lost.  God Bless America and God Bless all our service members serving to keep us safe and free.

  17. Thanks for sharing your Pearl Harbor memories in honor of today’s 70th anniversary. Please keep the conversation going and share this blog post with your family and friends. 

  18. C. Thomas McDonald, USN, my Grandfather. We love you Papa!

  19. Did your uncle Carl ever live in Southern California near the Los Angeles area?

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