ICEX Welcomes A Few Special Guests

This is the 11th blog post in a series about ICEX 2011 by Jeff Gossett, Arctic Submarine Laboratory’s ICEX 2011 Exercise Director written on March 18, 2011.

The boats have started testing and, so far, things are going very well. Because they both arrived early, our test program is ahead of schedule.

We had a number of senior visitors arrive on Wednesday to observe operations at the camp and visit one of the submarines.

Ice Camp Visitors (L-R): Mead Treadwell, Lieutenant Governor of Alaska RADM David Titley, Oceanographer of the Navy RADM Christopher Colvin, Commander 17th Coast Guard District RADM Nevin Carr, Chief of Naval Research

RADM David Titley is the Oceanographer of the Navy. He is also the lead on an initiative called Task Force Climate Change which has produced an “Arctic Road Map” that charts a way forward in our national response to projected diminishing ice conditions.

RADM Nevin Carr is the Chief of Naval Research (i.e., head of the Office of Naval Research or ONR). Following the Cold War, ONR eliminated its Arctic program office and only provided token amounts of funding for Arctic reaearch. RADM Carr has re-established ONR’s arctic program. Some of the research we’re conducting here at APLIS are receiving ONR funding.

RADM Christopher Colvin is the Commander of the 17th Coast Guard District which includes all of the Arctic. His responsabilities include search & rescue, shipping, and fisheries in the US Arctic region. With the ice cover diminishing, it is expected that Coast Guard activity will increase in all of these areas.

Mead Treadwell is the recently-elected Lieutenant Governor of Alaska. Since Alaska is located in the Arctic and borders the Arctic Ocean, every aspect of Arctic policy as well as Arctic environmental change impacts his state directly. In addition, until recently, Mr Treadwell was Chairman of the US Arctic Research Commission.

These gentlemen have intense interest in the Arctic and what we are doing here at APLIS. It was very beneficial for the ice camp participants to hear their perspectives. We look forward to collaborating with all four of these organizations during future ICEXs.